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  • Platform : Windows
  • License : Shareware
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  • Update : Mar 31, 2013
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  • Download : WinRAR 4.20 Final


Why Download WinRar Free Software?

When it comes to archiving shareware, you can multiple choices to consider. Among the many, WinRar has scored a far-renowned recognition amidst the computer users. Indeed it deserves the credit, because WinRar software grants multiple benefits and has an array of features in it. Most of the software doesn’t give you free download access, while the WinRar is free to download. All you need to do is, type WinRar Free in any of the search engines. You will get a list of websites that gives you permission to download WinRar free software. You don’t have to pay money for accessing it.

When it comes to compressing a file, the file size matters! Either you need to compress small file or archive a file with huge size, you can do it easily with WinRar. This in turn helps you to save huge disk space and moreover you don’t have to find any external disk to transfer data. WinRar gives its extensive support to ZIP and RAR files, where you can easily unpack the TAR, ACE, JAR, CAB archives. WinRar processes with an interactive program and it is GUI driven. If you are going to purchase licensed WinRar, then you are privileged to access your own technology instead of purchasing the add-ons to make self-extracting files.

When downloading WinRar free software, you get the advantage of archiving multiple files and even create self-extract too. Remember, data recovery is possible in WinRar with the help of recovery record. With this option, you can easily reconstruct those damaged archives too. Since WinRar is a shareware program, you can even avail as a trial package too. People who desire to get the licensed package can avail the 40 days trial program in order to conclude the effectiveness of the software.

Installing and using WinRar is just effortless, where any one of you can do it with ease. Corporate and other business organizations should hold legal license for using this WinRar software, while the layman can avail it for free. That is, you don’t have to pay any money for using it instead you can check those websites offering WinRar free download. With WinRar you can compress any files, folders and arhives, never mind about the size. If you are about to compress multimedia files, using WinRar is an ideal option because it recognizes and chooses the right compression method to give you data’s with less size.

With WinRar free software, you can split the archives into individual volumes and also safe them to multiple disks. In case when the file size is quite huge, you can archive and send the large file into several parts. For sending the files and data’s via web, the WinRar software is completely optimized with password encryption facility. This entails that the data or files you are going to move through the web are secured and password protected. The best thing about WinRar is that, they are compatible in all the operating systems including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista and as well as Windows Server 2003 also.

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